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Training & mentoring for firms
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BOWER are a specialist talent company focused on the recruitment, training and development of PAs, EAs, Office Management and other support staff as well as Chiefs of Staff and Family Office support.


We are extremely strict about the quality of candidates we work with and have an intensive and unrivalled vetting procedure. We spend at least 2 hours of face-to-face time with each candidate prior to presenting them to our clients. This ensures that we are 100% confident that they match up to our exceptional standards.

Our team is predominantly made up of ex-senior EAs and industry experts and we are therefore able to quickly and efficiently understand our clients’ needs. We have the unique ability to spot the right kind of talent and we only work with the very best.

To take the process further, we have developed pioneering talent profiling and testing methods which enable us to give our clients data on each candidate, allowing them to have more information and due diligence on their hires.

At the same time, it ensures that the candidates are clear and comfortable with the remit of the role. Our aim is to gain more insight and knowledge about our candidates and clients than anyone else can, allowing for greater transparency and accuracy.

Unrivaled experience in the senior PA industry
Exclusive talent matching software
Intensive vetting process for candidates
Transparency & openness

Training & Coaching

With our decades of experience throughout many different industries, our training programmes are built on four cornerstones of effective working:


Our programmes are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs and we deliver them all over the world. We have excellent methods of follow-up and feedback for each of our courses and are very proud of the impact they make to our clients and their businesses.

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