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Legology…best new discovery!

February 23, 2017  |  1 min read

The best new discovery…by Melissa Smith, Executive PA.

It was the day before my boss was flying to New York. We were ‘heads down’, running through the trip for the last time and making sure every meeting was confirmed when she mentioned how much she was dreading the flight because her legs get really achy and sore after being on a flight for even an hour, let alone six hours plus!

I was keen to impress my new boss and I asked if she’d heard of the product Air-Lite by Legology. She shook her head and I went on to explain that everyone at a previous job was raving about this cream and that it’s perfect before getting on a flight and it stops your legs from swelling. She immediately Googled it and was sold instantly so I ran down to Liberty and picked up a tube. I received a text from her the next day after she’d touched down in New York saying, “best money I have ever spent, THANK YOU!”. I grinned with joy after earning my first brownie point in my new role. For any frequent travelers or regular jet-setters, this is a MUST buy product.

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