By Sana Ijaz – Executive Consultant

I fell into recruitment. I met BOWER as a candidate earlier this year, one thing led to another and they offered me a role to be part of the team and I accepted and I’ve no idea how it even happened!

I never thought about becoming a recruitment agent, trust me I know the reputation the industry has and I’ve had some not-so-great experiences myself, but when I met with BOWER and when Emma Hatto mentioned they had a vacancy in house and I couldn’t stop thinking “what if…?” I was skilled at being a PA, I was great at my job! I was comfortable, it was familiar but I couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting something more; something was missing for me. I was terrified of making the transition from PA to Recruiter, as it’s always scary leaving your comfort zone and there were so many conflicting thoughts and wondering if I was doing the right thing. My best friend had to deal with my freak-outs and stayed up with me the night of my first day (sorry about that but sharing is caring!) and before I knew it the morning of my first day arrived.

I turned up to BOWER terrified (and sleep deprived) I had no idea what I was walking into, how the day would go or what I’d signed up for. I spent the first week training, learning, writing notes… I’m a PA it’s what I knew.  It was a surreal situation going from managing someone else’s diary to my own, I felt like I wasn’t doing something and I sat there wanting to naturally manage someone’s diary (sad I know). My meetings with candidates were awful, I stuttered, I didn’t know what to say, suddenly I forgot how to talk to people! I left work wondering what I had done to my career……but I wasn’t going to give up and so I came back every morning and started again.

As time went on I got better, for starters I stopped stuttering when speaking to candidates – yay for me! I was enjoying the independence of managing my own time, I stopped working like a PA and everything just clicked into place, and when that happened I placed my first candidate into a role – more yays!! 

The support I had from team BOWER made all the difference, they celebrated with me on the good days (cupcakes were involved) they were there to pick me up on the bad days (they brought wine) and they pushed me to keep going and in turn I pushed myself to be better not just for me but for the candidates, because I believed they deserved a better experience than what I had experienced in the past.

BOWER for me has a unique understanding of the PA world, because not only have we all done the role, but because having worked within a support capacity, we support not only each other but our candidates too and for me that is so important and so special. I’m coming up to three months in my role and I look back and laugh (at myself mainly) at how awkward I felt and behaved (honestly what must have people thought of me!) and I see how far I’ve come from my first few weeks and I owe it to my candidates and to team BOWER for being such amazing people to work with!! I couldn’t have done it without you all.

Life can be scary especially when it comes to your career. So, talk to us about your job search, be honest with us if you’re worried or scared about anything –  tell us! Because we have been there too and we understand and we will be there to support you every step of the way. I know it’ll make all the difference – it did for me and that’s what makes everything worthwhile.

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