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Delegation – The Key to Success

Delegation - The key to Success for the Most Personal of Matters as well as at Work   Lucy Greenwood of The International…

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BOWER Talent’s reward scheme…get rich quick!

Get rich quick! BOWER Talent operate a word-of-mouth business and we therefore love to gain referrals and interest from people who already know…

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Welcome Ladies!

Meet Claire & Melissa! Meet our newest recruits - Claire Delap and Melissa Smith - two of the most compelling women you are ever…

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Online Social Profile Checks During Recruitment Are Now Commonplace

Stay compliant and within UK employment law with Social Profiling... (more…)

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Can a healthy body make you better at your job?

In the second part of our Does It Work series, we look at whether living a healthier life can actually improve your performance…

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How napping at work helps me recharge

Arianna Huffington is a big believer in getting enough sleep, which is why Huffington Post staffer Madeline Wahl has been converted to napping…

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