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Identifying Talent…

Our Definition of Talent: Natural and reoccurring patterns of motivational, cognitive and relational behaviour.

We pride ourselves on finding, cultivating and placing elite talent. We are a talent business and have extensive knowledge and expertise on what makes someone talented and the unique and specific ways in which talent is applied.

Finding and keeping top talent in every role is more important than ever to the growth and competitiveness of businesses.

Candidate Testing

Our candidate testing is a bespoke process that allows us to assess individuals from key angles to get a better, more comprehensive picture of them and their talents. We present our data to clients in a summary for each candidate bench-marked against their peers.

Calendar Test

A logistical test with a grading system built on the detail, assumptions and foresight needed to manage a diary.

We give 1 point for basic observations or questions, 2 points for more advanced points and 3 for expert analysis and observation.  This test helps us understand the level of experience a candidate has and the depth of their logistical and practical abilities.

MINDX Testing

Built by MINDX, experts in profile gaming, this app assesses a candidates cognitive abilities including:

Problem Solving
Working Memory
Mental Agility

Each of these scores help us to build up a picture of the harder cognitive skill set a candidate has and their ability to handle more complex assessments.

Soft Skills

Once a candidate has passed the two tests, we meet with them to assess their approach, relational skills and attitude.

Together, our Candidate Testing helps us to provide data and due diligence to a client which is unrivaled in our industry.  We are able to more appropriately represent candidates and match them to the right roles based not only on the data but also our long experience in our industry.

A CV alone is not good enough!  A vetted BOWER Candidate gives clients a comprehensive picture of the real person they are interviewing and enables them to take the right decision.

“Every role, performed at excellence requires talent, because every role, performed at excellence, requires certain recurring patterns of thoughts, feeling or behaviour.”
First, Break All the Rules‘, Buckingham & Coffman. 2005

Talent Research & Development

BOWER dedicate time to learning and developing our own knowledge and experience in the talent industry. This enables us to bring you the latest in methods and processes to help you find, develop and keep the best talent.

We focus on working with companies that want to build a reputation and brand for hiring and producing the very best people. Combined with our knowledge and experience in what it takes to be the highest level of Senior Executive Support, this means that we are an excellent partner in assisting people and companies to grow and compete at the highest level.

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