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Over 21 years of
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Coaching & Workshops

At BOWER we offer courses to suit any company and individual. Our aim is to help you to develop and retain your support staff, giving them the opportunity to grow within their roles and become happier in their work.

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We structure our workshops around skills, improving working relationships and advancing abilities beyond current norms. We have a lean heavily on mindset and personal development and progression.

We approach our programmes with emphasis on retention within your company and concentrate on what excellence looks like.
We have a strong desire to better our industry by providing quality coaching and workshops to companies that want to develop and retain their existing talent.

We are passionate about dealing with the best support staff in the world and want help you to invest in building exceptional talent for the future.

Why invest in your Support Staff?

People are almost always an organisation’s primary investment. This means that it becomes essential to look after them and ensure you are getting the best possible return. Competitiveness in the market depends upon being able to find and keep top talent in every role.

This means that a great deal of a company’s value now lies “between the ears of its employees”, Thomas Stewart, Intellectual Capital.

If you expect the best of people, they’ll give you the best. Support staff are often overlooked over more technical employees, but a small investment in their development can have profound effect on your overall productivity.


Coaching & Workshop Benefits

Encourages staff retention
Boosts productivity and development
New skills and working methods
Objective and clear advice
External and non-biased support for staff
Happier, more motivated staff


Half-day workshop:
Up to 5 people – from £1,700
Up to 10 people – from £2,700

Full-day workshop:
Up to 5 people – from £2,800
Up to 10 people – from £4,800*
* recommended in conjunction with off-site team building

Individual mentoring:
Charged at £250 per hour (min 1 hour)

Snapshot Coaching:
30 mins via Skype/Phone
£75 per session
All prices are exclusive of VAT

Off-site team building:
BOWER offer all our coaching sessions alongside off-site team days which we can tailor make and build for you.

Please contact us for more details and prices.

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