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BOWER Market Update…

April 27, 2016  |  2 min read

BOWER Market Update

BOWER have seen a strong and steady first quarter of 2016 in both the turnover of roles and the availability of high quality candidates.  We continue to strengthen and tighten up our vetting procedure, which means that we are unfortunately only able to work with the top tier of candidates, but luckily there are lots of exceptional support staff out there keeping our talent pool nicely buoyant.

Brexit Uncertainty

We have seen the first rise in unemployment this month after a year but this doesn’t seem to have affected the employment of senior support staff, especially for small and medium sized companies.  As the EU referendum campaigns continue to hot up we don’t expect to see a particularly strong knock-on affect in our sector, but we are keeping a close eye on it, including the affects it may have on our clients and any implications of a LEAVE vote.

Staying ahead of technology

The evolution of technology is a constant source of research and interest for BOWER and we often discuss new apps, programmes and software with our clients and candidates (see our latest recommendation here!)

In terms of the impact that technology is having on support staff recruitment, we are seeing our candidates becoming much more savvy on the use of technology to both find jobs and enhance their abilities with the jobs that they have.

Naturally, social media is a huge part of the current technological trends and both candidates and clients should be aware of how critical it is to use the power of social media for their personal and business gains, but also control the extent to which they are exposed online.  Clients and candidates need to have a clean and appropriate online presence but also provide plenty of useful information and updates online to keep them and their companies current and accessible.

BOWER’s own Talent Questionnaire is starting to harness the power of technology to help us to find out more about our candidates and our clients and we are beginning to get more strict about the standards that we keep for candidates on our books.  The market is demanding standards to be raised since there are a lot of good candidates available per job and competition can be fierce.

Outlook Summary

Our outlook for May – September looks likely to continue to be strong as post-bonus vacancies carry on opening up and especially post-June once any remaining Brexit uncertainty is ironed out.
For our clients, we continue to have a VERY strong pool of talent available and especially senior candidates able to make the leap into business strategy and leadership roles.
Brexit Entrepreneurs Market update PA

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