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Surf Air – Changing the way you fly

July 15, 2016  |  1 min read

Surf Air – Changing the way you fly…

Are you a frequent flier in Europe? Then forget everything you know about the pain of travelling through endlessly congested airports and the frustration of waiting in line. Surf Air is a innovative new membership airline from California that is transforming the lives of people who travel regularly to the same destination.

As a member of Surf Air you can book your flights easily on their App in less than 30 seconds, turn up at a private airport terminal just 15 minutes before the flight and relax on one of their own executive jets with a handful of like-minded people. Better still, one single monthly subscription gets you unlimited flying on Surf Air’s network of regular flights. There are no additional fees – after the subscription then all flying is free!

The airline has been flying in California for 3 years now and has already built up a loyal following of 3000 members who have found Surf Air to be a vital business tool, saving them more than 2 hours every time they fly. The European network will launch in October and include cities like London, Geneva, Zurich, Cannes and Dublin.

Membership of Surf Air costs a lot less than you’d imagine, just £2,500 per month for as many flights as you want.

For more details, please get in touch with natalie.torin@surfair.com

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