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Why Businesses Should Invest in Training New Team Members with Years of Experience

December 19, 2019  |  3 min read

Our CSO, Georgina Bale, discusses the importance of investing in the training and development of all new team members, no matter their age or experience. 

There are multiple reasons why relevant experience counts for so much when hiring a new person to join your team—your new start will be able to bring years of knowledge to your business, they can hit the ground running on their first day, and even teach the rest of your team something new. 

There’s a common misconception that only junior-level team members require training and those who are more advanced in their careers don’t need any further development. Well, I’m here to bust that myth. Here’s why you should invest in training even the most experienced new team members…

Training gives you the opportunity to learn more

The recruitment process gives you the information you need to ask someone to join your team, but it’s in those first few months that you’ll really see how they apply their past experience to your business. With a training and development program in place, you open up the conversation right away—giving them the opportunity to elaborate on their skills and discuss where they would like to improve and simultaneously giving you the opportunity to really get to know the person who has just joined your team. 

Training fills in any gaps

Once the discussion around development has opened up, you’ll both be able to identify any gaps in knowledge that could be filled with training. Everyone’s career journey is different and their experience might not touch on every single skill that is required for them to reach their full potential in their new role. With training, they’ll feel more confident in their day-to-day work and you’ll have a game-changing team member who ticks all the right boxes. 

Training introduces new technology and processes

It’s said that by 2030, 70% of companies will have adopted at least one type of AI technology, which is up 33% from today. A study called “Reworking the Revolution” also reported that investment in AI and human-machine collaboration could boost revenues by 38% by 2022 if businesses become early adopters now. So it’s certainly worth the investment. The thing is, machines can’t do this all on their own—as said in the ‘Reworking the Revolution’ report, it takes human-machine collaboration to make the magic happen. Someone with years of experience might not have had previous training on new technology, which has the potential to make them even more productive. By training everyone in your business to adopt new technology and processes, you can boost efficiency ten-fold. 

Training makes them feel valued

Training does great things for company culture and team retention—in fact, employees who think they are progressing in their career are 20 % more likely to stay at their companies. By investing in training, you’re showing your new start that you’re invested in them and their career. You’re showing that you believe in development for everyone on the team and care about the individuals who help to make your business a success. 

I think it’s really important to touch on ageism here. When it comes to hiring people with 30+ years of experience, chances are, they’re going to be 50+ (unless they were some genius child prodigy). A report by CIPD that covered five countries found that ongoing training of older workers is key to their employability and success in the workplace. Aside from the fact that it’s the smart and fair thing to do, we’re all going to be a part of the older working demographic one day, and so, it’s in our best interest to build equality-driven businesses. But again, we should be doing that anyway. 

Training keeps things consistent for your business

A candidate with years of working for multiple businesses can be a great thing, but it can also be not-so-great. Why? Over the years, experienced candidates pick up ways-of-working from different places, that might not tie in with how you work in your business. The solution? A positive attitude to change from their end and training and development from yours. By training everyone in your business the same way, you’ll ensure that there are consistent processes and ways-of-working that keeps your entire team on the same page. 

So, how can we help with all this? We offer training for junior, mid-level and senior members of your support team, either as group workshops or 1-2-1 training. Find out more.


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