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5 Key Benefits of Taking on Temporary Staff during COVID-19

September 17, 2020  |  3 min read
Temporary Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed industries and reshaped the way that businesses operate amidst “the new normal.” As a consequence of COVID’s impact on the economy and employment, many highly skilled temporary workers in London and beyond are available and willing to take on new work, both in-office and remote. 

For businesses looking to hire during COVID, there has rarely been a more diverse pool of qualified, multi-talented temporary workers to choose from, and working with a temp agency to hire temp staff can provide a number of advantages well-suited to the current, ever-changing climate. 

Read on to learn five ways that hiring temp staff during COVID can benefit your business. 

Flexible Partnerships: Hiring contract or temp workers during COVID allows you to enter into flexible partnerships. Each of these partnerships can be tailored to fit your business’s specific needs or project goals, and can also be used to experiment with new ventures or temporarily replace core staff members on leave. Partnerships with temps are advantageously low-investment and short-term, and can be extended if they are having a positive impact on your business. 

In addition, incorporating temp staff into your workforce allows you to scale up or scale down your staff with ease and based on need, such as during peak seasons or periods.

Time and Money: Temps are a time and money saver. Because temp staff are scouted by and remain employees of their staffing agency, the process of hiring temporary employees happens quickly and saves you time and effort by cutting out the recruitment process. In addition, working with temps allows your business to save on expenses like extensive training, full-time benefits, employee turnover costs or unemployment benefits.

Try before you buy: Working with temps allows you to “try before you buy.” On top of allowing you to enter into a number of partnerships with no long-term commitments, working with temp staff also gives you the opportunity to “try before you buy,” or explore the possibility of more permanent relationships with talented temp workers on a short-term basis. If you find a temporary employee is a great fit for your company, you then have the option to transition them from temp to full-time hire. Meanwhile, those who are not quite right for your needs can be smoothly transitioned out at the end of their contract.

Untapped talent: Temp workers let you explore untapped paths and talent. With COVID altering the way many businesses operate, perhaps you are looking to expand the responsibilities of an already existing department, or create an entirely new team to add value to or target an issue within your business. Hiring temp workers gives you the opportunity to explore new ventures with highly experienced, vetted employees, and allows you to bring on staff members with unique talents that you may not realize could be highly beneficial to your business. 

Morale and Productivity: Temps can help boost team morale and productivity. Happy employees with a healthy work/life balance tend to produce their best work. Unfortunately, COVID has likely created multiple new points of stress for your full-time staff, from the frustrations of working remotely to increased individual workloads and overtime hours as a result of shrinking teams. By quickly bringing on new temp staff during the pandemic, your full-time employees can gain needed support and boost their productivity by collaborating with or delegating tasks to their temp teammates. Temp staff who are new to your company can bring fresh ideas and energy to your business while also appreciating your company culture from a different perspective than your core staff—a noteworthy trait of those temps who you might eventually bring on as full-time employees. 

Conducting business in the COVID era continues to present numerous challenges, but investing in a team of experienced, qualified temporary workers can help your business press on and grow in new ways while saving you money and time. 

If your business is located in the London or New York metropolitan area and is looking to explore using temporary employees during COVID-19, Bower is more than happy to provide additional information and assist by matching your needs to our highly qualified candidates in Greater London, New York and beyond.

To reach out to us to discuss temporary options for you or your business, you can do so here.

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