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A needle in a haystack: how working with a skilled recruiter helps you find game-changing talent in a crowd

October 2, 2020  |  3 min read
A needle in a haystack

In our last post, we discussed how hiring during COVID-19 can be a major opportunity for your business. The market is currently flooded with talent, and acting now can mean taking on high quality employees that haven’t been on the market in years—and are sure to find new employment fast. 

So, we’ve established that exceptional talent is out there and uniquely available. But particularly in these times, the average job posting on LinkedIn gets hundreds of responses. Finding the perfect candidate for your business can be like finding a needle in a haystack, and this is why working with a skilled recruiting agency is essential. 

At Bower, we take the critical process of finding talent that will boost your business off of your plate, using our own unique testing process and unmatched understanding of the industry to track down exceptionally skilled and diverse talent. Here’s how our exceptional methods allow us to work with the top 1-2% of the best talent on the market.

  • Familiarity and industry expertise

Each member of the Bower team has their own remarkable background that makes them a powerhouse, but there’s one thing we all have in common: industry experience. We’ve all cut our teeth in the operational and admin sector, and that means we know the roles we now recruit for inside and out. Operating with personal knowledge, we understand who can add major value to a role and who might be a better fit elsewhere. In the end, the candidates we put forward are people we know can get the job done, because we’ve done it ourselves. 

  • Going beyond CVs to find strong, well-rounded talent 

While resumes are an obvious and necessary start to assessing a candidate, there’s so much valuable information that a document simply can’t tell you: how does this person adapt to change? How would they approach a sudden schedule hiccup, or a challenging boss? 

At Bower, we go deeper than a candidate’s CV using our unique and curated testing suite. In fact, we calculate that only 10% of our decision-making on competency is based on a CV. Analyzing factors from calendar and logistics skills to fluid and emotional intelligence, our technology creates an insight-packed profile of each candidate that shows us their greatest strengths and untapped abilities. This means we’re able to both single out phenomenal talent and expertly match businesses with the candidates who will help them most–our data proves it

  • Using technology and data to overhaul industry stereotyping 

The impact of unconscious stereotyping during the hiring process–including gender, generational, ethnic and religious bias and ableism, to name a few–has been the subject of countless studies for good reason: it is both common and increasingly detrimental to a business’s success. Even the most well-intentioned businesses can fall into discriminatory recruitment behaviours, which means missing out on some of the most innovative, energetic talent on the market and distancing yourself from massive customer bases. 

Consistently, one of the top solutions for fighting unconscious bias is incorporating personality and skill testing into the hiring process. In this regard, our testing shines. Focusing on competency, personality and attitude above all else, we pull the best talent from the widest pool of candidates. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how our recruitment process can connect you with the person who is just right for your role, don’t wait to get in touch with us. In our next post, we’ll dive deeper into the massive difference having a diverse workforce makes when it comes to your company’s culture, energy and productivity. 

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