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Building progress in recruitment: Bower’s D&I commitments for 2021

February 17, 2021  |  4 min read

At Bower Talent, building Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in the recruitment space has always been in our minds, but intention and action are very different things. However, we are proud to outline our renewed focus in this area.

We recognise that luck, access and opportunity often play a heavy role in a person’s career history, which is why we founded ourselves on the principle that looking beyond someone’s CV is key to finding the best talent on the market. 

Together with our clients, we are committed to building companies that are truly representative of the HR industry and our world. 

2020 was the year of our ‘Four Ps,’ the cornerstones of our D&I practices.

In 2020, we continued to lean into our strategies that are rooted in D&I—particularly our ‘Four Ps’: People, Partnerships, Power and Performance—allowing us to go beyond the box-ticking method of hiring to deliver authentic and ethical results. 

We have continued to assess all of our candidates using blind bespoke testing, measuring factors from hard skills to emotional intelligence. This allows us to prioritise candidate competency and attitude over factors like alma maters or previous work places, helping us find top-tier admin and operations talent and create more representative workforces. 

Because we know world-class talent exists beyond saturated sources like LinkedIn and Reed, we worked to expand our candidate pool by growing our network of partnerships with D&I-focused networking groups, job boards, nonprofits and consultants. 

We hired an in-house Head of Candidate Experience, a role entirely focused on deepening our relationships with our candidates, partners and clients, and ensuring we are offering the best possible synergies to those we work with. 

Together with our clients, we’ve continued to work to create a recruitment process engineered to counteract unconscious bias, touching base regularly to help clients avoid common slip ups in the recruitment process and pick up helpful, diversity-building habits.

We’ve kept up our schedule of workshops, masterclasses and webinars dedicated to helping emerging talent, established professionals and senior admin professionals improve their marketability, and to giving companies the insight they need to attract and retain exceptional talent while building D&I into every step of their recruitment process. 

We’ve made major progress, and we have the numbers to prove it: between 2019 and 2020, the number of sources we pull candidates from increased from 9 to a total of 52, representing a 577% increase equivalent to over five times more sources. This outstanding growth is a testament to our dedicated team members.

Saying that 2020 was a year of challenges is a massive understatement. As a society, we have experienced—and continue to experience—a global pandemic, economic and political turmoil, and a new wave of outcry against the discrimination and bias that is often woven into the very foundation of the institutions that make up our lives. As times of crisis cause many companies to narrow their focus to their most basic operations for survival, it is more important than ever to support continued progress in D&I.

Despite all of the year’s turmoil, people continue to exhibit a level of hope, resilience and adaptability that has only inspired us to dig deeper and work harder in the new year. As we look toward 2021, we are more motivated than ever to make progress on our goal to build equity across our industry.

With our focus on making an impact, here’s how we plan to make 2021 a year defined by creating responsible growth and delivering major, measurable results. 

How we plan to build equity in the HR industry through our D&I progress in 2021

After seeing the progress we could make throughout 2020, our focus for 2021 is to continue to strengthen what we already do and build on our efforts so that we can keep being a part of the needed change in the HR space. To accomplish this and challenge the outdated practices of our industry, we plan to: 

  • Continuously build on our testing to better filter out bias in candidate profiling and push clients toward vetted candidates who don’t match the profile of their “typical hire.”
  • Flood our clients with talent they can’t refuse by further expanding our network of recruitment sources, and ensuring our progress in this area by monitoring data each quarter.
  • Work with clients to cut bias in all areas of their recruitment process, including job descriptions and interview questions.
  • Further expand our network of D&I partners and facilitate partnerships between these sources and our clients to help them build long-term relationships.
  • Participate in mentorship programs to help candidates improve their marketability within the HR space, particularly through technology training.
  • Host curated presentations directed at clients and focused on building D&I, including interview training.
  • Build on our 2020 ‘What You Need To Know Right Now’ webinar series–through which we raised a total of £803 to donate to our charity partner, Leadership Through Sport & Business (LTSB)—by hosting webinars focused exclusively on topics like filtering out bias in the recruitment process and attracting talent from groups that are underrepresented in the HR, Admin and Ops space.

As a recruitment company, it is our goal and our responsibility to be co-conspirators in the fight to build an equitable HR industry. In 2021 and for years to come, we are committed to helping D&I-based strategy thrive for the benefit of support staff, our clients, our industry and the world. 


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