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Webinar: What employers look for in tech-savvy staff

March 24, 2021  |  1 min read
What employers look for in tech-SAVVY STAFF

If you missed our webinar on ‘What employers look for in tech-savvy staff’, don’t worry, we got you covered!

Watch the full webinar below where Georgina Bale, Bower Talent’s CEO, looks in-depth at what tech-savvy really means, what employers look for in tech-savvy staff and how you can take the first steps towards becoming tech-savvy – the first step is to start!

Within the webinar, a video learning platform, Tech Warriors, is mentioned as an up-skill tool with a bite-sized, digestible learning video library. As the Netflix of Saas, Tech Warriors provides videos on today’s top tech tools, providing you with the top tips and tricks to unlock your tech-savviness. Check it out here and use discount codeBOWER‘ for 10% off your subscription – they are also doing a 7-day free trial, which is great to allow you to try it out first!

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