EA to Entrepreneurs (Tech Savvy Life Manager)

Salary up to £45K

Full Time


Start Up

The Company

Our client are a couple who are Co-Founders of a rapidly growing, digitally native brand. They are seeking a highly organised, tech-savvy and resourceful EA to help maximise their impact in the world. This would involve supporting them in a private and business capacity; helping to introduce a solid administration function to the office and providing comprehensive and thoughtful support to them in their personal lives.


You would be joining as their personal manager. This will include taking charge of keeping them organised (time management), proactively finding ways of doing everything in life (research). Exploring how to use many forms of technology will be a central part of doing this well (e.g. Notion, Zapier, Fiver, TaskRabbit, etc).

This role is an ideal training ground to become an entrepreneur. By working alongside a pair of motivated young business leaders, you will get exposure to many different areas and develop skills relevant for the next generation of growing businesses. This is ideal for a self-motivated individual who thrives in a dynamic environment and who wants to lead on a diverse range of both professional and personal projects.

The ideal candidate is highly organised, instationably curious, and thoughtful. It’s important that the right candidate is inherently entrepreneurial (to be able to learn and problem-solve on the fly). In addition, you should possess a high attention to detail, and a positive self-starter attitude.



  • Keeping the co-founders organised – Our client hopes to join forces with a talented individual to better manage time and establish balance in life. This will cover all normal EA duties, including private and business correspondence and email management, diary management, travel and logistics etc, performed seamlessly and to a high standard. It will also consist of building and maintaining boards in Notion and making considered efficiency and workflow suggestions and improvements. Through this, our client together with this individual will learn many techniques and strategies together.
  • Community building & event planning – Assist in continuing to develop and grow their community of contacts. This will include contact/relationship management and ensuring the Founders thoughtfully touch base with their contacts on a regular basis. It will likely also include supporting the Founders’ social calendar, organising curated events, making gifting arrangements and sending holiday cards.
  • Office management – Manage any day-to-day operational needs for the smooth running of the business. Deal with any future office management, maintenance and logistics. Support and administration for the business and the office, where needed.
  • Proactive research – The Founders will empower you to find creative solutions on a diverse range of projects. This could range from exploring how to stay on top of and involved in upcoming conferences to getting concert tickets and everything in between.
  • Harnessing technology – If you’re not already, you will become a “power-user” in many time tracking, task management and other life management tools. Automation is key to getting more out of the limited time we have on this planet.
  • Personal support – Assist with day-to-day household admin, bills, household maintenance and utilities.



  • Finds enjoyment in being organised – You have a high attention to detail, and bringing structure to chaos gives you a certain feeling of achievement.
  • Innately entrepreneurial – You thrive when taking on new challenges and coming up with creative solutions. When you see something that needs to be done, you proactively apply yourself.
  • Thoughtful / caring – Building an incredible/caring culture both in the business and in the personal lives is very important to the Founders. As you will be a big part of that, we hope you also find enjoyment making others happy.
  • Automation wizard – You value your time. You find satisfaction in finding ways to automate the boring stuff and make things more efficient.
  • Super trust-worthy – Peter Parker applies. “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Our life will be in your hands, so trust is a must.
  • Good sense of humor – It’s important that we have fun working together. Life is too short not to. You’ll be easy-going yet incredibly hard-working



  • To have an impact – We’re motivated by the desire to have a massive positive impact in the world.
  • To learn new things – To develop valuable business and technology skills.
  • To lead & manage projects – To take ownership of important projects and drive them to completion.
  • To surround yourself with other positive people – To feel energised from those around you.



  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Well versed with MS Office and Google Workspace (Sheets, Slides, Docs, etc)
  • Outstanding organisational and time management
  • Up-to-date with latest office gadgets and applications
  • Ability to multitask and prioritise effectively



  • Experience with time task management systems (Notion, Asana)
  • Some experience with automation (Zapier, IFTTT)
  • Previous experience working in a tech-oriented business/startup.



  • Competitive salary plus a bonus scheme.
  • A fun, positive, energised start-up culture
  • Flexible working


If you have any further questions regarding the role, please do reach out to us at contacts@bower-talent.com

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