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Full Time


Recruitment & Staffing

The Company

Bower Talent specialise in the recruitment and training of support staff at all levels. We believe our methods disrupt our industry and enable us to place individuals more effectively and ethically. Our bespoke testing and profiling is based around science, which when put alongside our face-to-face assessments of candidates means we are unrivalled in our ability to provide evidence, data and value to clients on the hires they make.


Our training business is built on the following key differentiators:

-We strongly believe that support staff are under-invested in and their training not considered properly

-We want to tackle the stereotype of ‘secretaries’, as well as the gender and diversity gap this perpetuates

-We want to highlight the rapidly changing role of support staff and guide businesses and individuals to prepare and equip themselves for it

-We believe the role of EA has or can widely move into a more strategic position and this should therefore be deployed in a different way

-We want to deliver exciting, unprecedented workshops and have impact on teams that no other business can offer or achieve.

-We are data driven and strive to create and develop metrics to support our mission and our impact


The business is run by ex-PAs and we pride ourselves on helping people progress in their careers and working closely with clients to find the very best people for their businesses. We pride ourselves on continually improving the way our business works and the impact it has on the lives of others.



We are hiring our first main trainer and this person would be pivotal in helping to establish and grow the training business. The role would report directly to the CSO and although you would be fully supported in learning about our business, the team and our processes, we want to find individuals who can quickly and autonomously manage their own workload. We need someone who wants to be part of the Bower family, deeply understands and sympathises with our values and our mission and will work hard to help us to achieve it.

This is an exceptional opportunity to join and experience a fast-growing start-up.


Sales & Client Development



  • Assist in the development of a sales plan to connect with and highlight our workshops and offerings to clients
  • Research the market to map out competition and understand what others are doing to enable you to identify our key differentiators and highlight them within our sales materials
  • Research and mapping of wider client opportunities
  • Pitching and championing our workshops and mission, values and ethics
  • Management of CRM system to keep orderly pipeline and clear, transparent communications on existing client prospects and deals.
  • Ability to report on progress with sales, clients and opportunities transparently, directly and regularly to CSO
  • Following up leads and maintaining warm clients
  • Attend client meetings to pitch and follow-up on sales opportunities
  • As the business grows, discussing and assisting with getting return clients and upselling on our offerings

Content & Delivery



  • Assist CSO in the development of Bower’s workshop products
  • Development of the existing themes and categorisation into new modules of delivery for clients
  • Work with tech developer to get the new services and products marketed and available online for clients
  • Work with tech developer/graphic designers to translate the services to materials for client meetings and pitches
  • Take responsibility for getting workshops accredited and marketed accordingly
  • Tweak content and courses based on client feedback and requirements
  • Delivery of Bower workshops to clients
  • Pre-course and post-course follow-up, feedback and marketing for clients
  • Present suggestions and ideas on improvements, including new exercises, delivery methods and engagement
  • Work closely with any future Training Delivery Partners on the delivery and development of our workshops
  • Manage and maintain IP agreement and delivery contracts with TDPs
  • Organise and develop a training programme for TDPs
  • Administer all set up, organisation and detail for each client project

The Wider Business



  • Spot cross-selling opportunities for the recruitment team and for ibLE when they arise
  • Maintain and cultivate strong relationships with the recruitment team and lines of communication across the businesses
  • Take an active interest in the goals and development of the other business streams and assist in the development of opportunities across all streams
  • Get involved in projects outside of training where required and business needs ‘all hands’ to get things done.

Requirements include:



  • Impeccable work ethic and standards
  • Keen eye for detail
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to cope with large work-loads and a fast-pace
  • Desire to work directly with clients
  • Polished, professional and friendly
  • Ability to think outside the box and deliver new ideas
  • Ability to work transparently and with collaboration at all levels


Other information:


  • We value emotional investment into the business, we want you to love it as much as we do!
  • We believe in investing in people. If there’s something you want to know more about or learn, we will always sponsor you to move forward in that direction if we can
  • We listen to everyone!  We are always looking to improve so we need people who are always keen to give and gain feedback to improve and grow the business and themselves

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